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Troop Guidelines

Uniform Policies

Class A


  • Short or long sleeved khaki official BSA uniform shirt
  • Patches should be current and include the ones that are required (see BSA handbook)
  • Must remain tucked in at all times

Neckerchiefs (Troop 28 Requirement)

  • Green troop neckerchief that was given to each scout
  • Courts of Honor and special events only.


  • Official BSA scout shorts or pants


  • Official BSA web belt
  • Switchback style pants include a built-in belt (removable)


  • Official scout socks - different styles can be purchased

Merit Badge Sash

  • Worn on Courts of Honor only, or on other formal events such as Scout Sunday
  • Merit badges are sewn onto the front
  • Additional patches from summer camp, etc. may be sewn onto the back of the sash

Order of the Arrow Sash

  • Should not be modified in any way, only should be worn over right shoulder

**Regarding the new BSA Centennial Uniform components:

  • Try not to mix and match - new and old
  • The classic style is still perfectly acceptable

Phone Tree Procedure

  1. SPL calls the troop guide in charge of each patrol
  2. Troop Guide then calls the respective patrol leader
  3. Patrol Leader calls the next patrol member
    1. Each person calls the next person on the list
    2. EVERYONE writes down EVERYTHING they are told
    3. Leave messages and call the next person if no one answers
    4. Last person calls patrol leader back and repeats the messages to be sure it is correct
  4. Patrol Leader calls the SPL
For copies of the phone tree, please contact the Scribe

Weekly Meeting Details

  • We meet at the St. Thomas Old Gym on all Monday nights (unless otherwise stated) from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Directions
  • Scouts are expected to attend all weekly meetings. If unable to attend, the scout should contact their patrol leader.
  • Scouts are also expected to bring the following to all meetings:
    • Uniform (see above guidelines)
    • Scout book
    • Notebook/pad and a pen or pencil
    • Troop 28 Binder
    • Any troop gear that was taken home to dry
  • Cell phones and computers (Macbooks, Chromebooks, etc.) are to be turned off during meetings and no other electronics are allowed