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Troop Position History

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Terms are listed followed by abbreviated scouts with position titles.
Senior Patrol Leader- SPL
Patrol Leader: Frogs - PLF
Patrol Leader: Eagles - PLE
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - ASPL
Assistant Patrol Leader: Frogs- APLF
Assistant Patrol Leader: Eagles - APLE
Scribe/ Webmaster - S/W
Troop Historian - TH
Can-Master - CM
Quartermaster - QM
Librarian - L
Chaplin's Aide - CA
Troop Guide: Frogs - TGF
Troop Guide: Eagles - TGE
Instructor - In
OA Troop Representative- OA
Den Chief to Pack 28: Webelos II's - DC2
Den Chief to Pack 28: Webelos I's - DC1
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster- JASM
Leave No Trace Trainer - LNTT
Bugler - B

Elected Positions

1/1/17-  Michael M- SPL, Brennan M- PLF, Blaine B - PLE, Nick L - ASPL, Daniel D-APLF, Keegan A- APLE, Logan- S/W, Jonnah - TH, Connor M- CM, Max L- QM, Daniel- L, Ryan B- CA, Aiden A - TGF, Bennett W - TGE, Jonnah K - In, Alex B. - In, Cameron- In, Alex- OA, Vacant- DC2, Vacant - DC1, Nick L- LNTT, Vacant- B

           3/1/16 - 12/31/16 Jonah K- SPL, Aidan A- PLF, Bennett W - PLE, Michael M - ASPL, Blaine B-APLF, Juan S- APLE, Juan S- S/W, Vacant- TH, Brennan M- CM, Max L- QM (starting 10/1/16), Blaine B- L, Logan F.- CA, Luke B - TGF, Cameron L - TGE, Garrett R. - In, Alex B. - In, Collin F. - In, Nick L- OA, Juan S.- DC2, Vacant - DC1, Nick L- LNTT, Vacant- B
 6/1/15 - 2/29/16 Colin F- SPL, Luke Bender- PLF, Camren L- PLE, Jonah K- ASPL, Aidan A-APLF, Bennett W- APLE, Juan S- S/W, Vacant- TH, Brennan M- CM, Noah L- QM, Blaine B- L, Zack S- CA, Micheal M- TGF, Alex B- TGE, Noah L- In, Garrett R- In, Alex B- In, Nick L- OA, Bennett W- DC2, Juan S. DC1, Tyler S- JASM, Nick L- LNTT, Juan S- B

12/1/14 -> 5/31/15 Matt B - SPL, Michael M - PLF, Alex B -PLE, Collin F -ASPL, Luke B - APLF, Cameron L - APLE, Jonah K - S/W, Bennett W - TH, Cameron L - CM, Noah L - QM, Blaine B - L, Luke B - CA, Nick L - TGF, Jim P - TGE, Noah L - In, Garrett R - In, James G - In, Jim P - In, James G - OA, Alex B - DC2, Bennett W - DC 1, Tyler S - JASM, Nick L - LNTT, Juan S. - B 
6/1/14 -> 12/1/14
Tyler S.- SPL, Nick L.-PLF, Jonah K. -PLE, Matt B. - ASPL, Michael M. - APLF, Cameron L. - APLE, Collin F. - S/W, Bennett W. - TH, Cameron L. - CM, Noah L. - QM, Joey B. (Vacant/not fulfilled) - L, Luke B. - CA, Garrett R. - TGF, Jim P.- TGE, Collin F. - In, James G. - In, Jim P. - In, James G. - OA, Alex B - DC2, Bennett W. - DC1 Nick L. - LNTT