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Patrol Leader

• Elected by the patrol members to lead their patrol.
• The Patrol leader is responsible for implementing the Troop program developed by the PLC.
• The Patrol Leader appoints an Assistant Patrol Leader and Patrol Quartermaster.
• Responsible to the Senior Patrol Leader
• Keep patrol members informed and prepared to take part in all patrol & troop activities
• Assign each patrol member a task and help them succeed by teaching AND by example.
• Represent the patrol at all PLC meetings and the annual program planning conference
• Show and help develop patrol spirit
• Work with other troop leaders to make the patrol run well within the troop
• Know patrol members strengths and weaknesses and use or develop them accordingly
• Assist with leadership skills training in the troop
• Always prepared with a song, cheer or chant.

• Set a good example
• Wear the Boy Scout uniform correctly
• Live by the Scout Oath and Law
• Show and help develop Scout spirit