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Senior Patrol Leader

• Elected by a majority of the troop members to be the youth leader for their troop.
• Presides over the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), which is made up of the Senior Patrol Leader,
the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, the Patrol Leaders and the Scribe who assist the Senior
Patrol Leader in running the Troop with the guidance of the Scoutmaster and Assistant
Scoutmasters. The Troop Guides and Instructors may also be included in the PLC at the SPLs
• Leads the PLC to develop, plan, promote and manage the Troop program for weekly meetings,
monthly outings, summer camp outings and High Adventure and other activities.
• Leads the troop meetings program.
• Leads troop camping and other outdoor activities.
• Oversees the communication of PLC planning going back to the Troop Parent Committee.
• Assist with leadership skills training in the troop
• Always prepared with a song, cheer or chant.

• Set a good example
• Wear the Boy Scout uniform correctly
• Live by the Scout Oath and Law
• Show and help develop Scout spirit