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The Quartermaster Store

"My eyes are dim, I cannot see. I have not brought my specs with me!"

Troop Quartermaster: Tyler S.

  • Remember to check for any tents or other troop gear you may have at home!
  • All checked out gear needs to be returned after all camp outs, ASAP!
  • Remember that only the troop quartermaster and patrol quartermasters are allowed in the QM room before and after campouts.
  • When packing for campouts, please remember to take patrol gear from your patrol shelf ONLY

Tent Policy
  • QM will have each PATROL LEADER assign each tent to a Scout BEFORE the campout. That Scout will be responsible to bring home the tent and return to QM after the campout.
  • Please return any tents you may have to the quartermaster as soon as possible.
  • Be sure that everything is swept out and dry (including tarp!).
  • Make sure that all tents are in working condition and in good repair
  • QM will have checklist to see that all tents include the following (Green Timberline tents):
            1) Tent
            2) Rainfly
            3) 8 Stakes (If bent badly, please report)
            4) 2 Plastic connectors
            5) Clear, plastic (or blue) tarp (Folded to fit INSIDE the tent bag)
            6) (4) 4-length poles, (1) 3-length pole, (2) single poles
            7) Tent bag, stake bag, pole bag